vCenter SSO 5.1 Install Issues

I’ve started upgrading several environments to 5.1, and since SSO became an integral part of the new vision, I decided to go the route of a single SSO to host multiple vCenter and ultimately multiple domain configurations I have up and running.

I was originally going to keep my silo’s as is, but thought better and decided to make logging in simpler, and to see how much of an impact SSO will have in general.

It did not start out as well as I had hoped.  I have two isolated environments, and decided to start with those as they are the least impact.  The first was already at 5.0, so the 5.1 upgrade should be a snap.  Or at least, that’s what I assumed.  I’ll say that the SSO installer definitely leaves something to be desired.  The initial install failed, saying : ‘Error 20020.Failed to update values in server.xml file.’  I immediately just reset and tried again, and received the same error.  I searched and found a thread with folks having similar issues , and some folks were able to work around the issue by not changing the default install path, and letting SSO install on the C: drive.  I tried that, and received the exact message.  I’ve tried going through the HA configurations and the clustered setups and received the same error message, as well as using the installer manually and through the simple setup, all to no avail.

At this point, the only work around I have managed, is to load SSO on a brand new virtual machine, and then connect back to the vCenter on the existing box.  I do still have an open case, so hopefully there is a fix for this.  Maybe it’s an OS thing, maybe an installer, but I should not need to have a separate vm for this task, as the environment is small and will never get large enough to benefit from separating components, other than for the sake of learning.


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